Our Equipment & Costs

Our Equipment


Best for: Larger projects, octavo or larger quarto format books, multi-person jobs.

            20th Century Reliance (1910s), up to 40cm by 53 cm prints

            Washington Press (1840s), up to 75cm by 60 cm prints (not currently operational)

Jobbing Press

Best for: Lots of smaller prints fast, single-color runs.

            Chandler & Price (1912), up to 30cm by 20cm prints

Proofing Presses

Best for: Multi-color prints, posters, and other image-heavy prints.

            Vandercook & Sons (?), up to 36cm by 45 cm

            Nolan Company (?), up to 31cm by 24 cm


Best for: Zines, comics, anything that can be copied, experiments with layering

           Riso Kagaku (1980s), up to 28cm by 43cm

            Current inks available: Black


            Apple 2e (1984)

            iMac (2001)

            Brother Whisper Writer (1990), exclusively word processor


            Smith Corona Sterling (1950)

            Smith Corona Galaxie II (1964)

            Smith Corona Coronet Electric (1960s)

            Smith Corona Coronet Electric 12 (1970s)

            Royal Mercury (1974)

            Smith Corona SL 500 (1980s)

            IBM Selectric II (1973) (not currently operational)

            Remington Model 1 (1934) (not currently operational)

Best for: text-based projects, manuscripts

Bookbinding presses (x2) and supplies

Foil Stamper

Mounted linoleum blocks and carving tools

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